Publicado por: lezz | fevereiro 10, 2007

Redirecting mails with powerpoint attachments

After some troubles with lots of e-mails with .ppt/.pps attachments I decided to separate them into another mailbox. The first question was: How?

As I use Linux and procmail (, I searched at google trying to find someone with the same problem and probably with a solution. Many pages after, I found this page ( which has a similar problem and a more radical decision.

Changing just a bit the solution used I got this code that must be inserted in the  .procmailrc file:

:0B # slow regexp there's no other way
* ^Content-(Type|Disposition):(.|$[ ])*\.(pps|ppt|mpeg|wmv)

Which I use to redirect all mail with powerpoint and some movies to a special mailbox that I check only when I have time.

I hope this helps other people to do the same and get a better time reading important mail. 😉


  1. Very nice!!

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